The Board of Councilors is the governing body of the Chapter. They are also the directors of the corporation. They are selected by the nominating committee and elected by the membership.The term of office is three years, and re-election is permitted.


Name Term Ends Location
Anthony Ascioti, MD, FACS 2020 Indianapolis
Joshua French, MD, FACS 2020 Richmond
Michelle Laughlin, MD, FACS 2020 Indianapolis
Mark Thompson, MD, FACS 2020 South Bend
Joshua Waters, MD, FACS 2020 Indianapolis
Stephen Bodney, MD, FACS 2021 Corydon
Andrew Eppstein, MD, FACS 2021 Indianapolis
Mary Lester MD, FACS 2021 Indianapolis
Richard Rodgers, MD, FACS 2021 Indianapolis
Taha Shipchandler, MD, FACS 2021 Indianapolis
Brian Brewer, MD, FACS 2022 Indianapolis
Jennifer Choi, MD, FACS 2022 Indianapolis
Demitrios Stefanidis, MD, FACS 2022 Indianapolis
W. Matthew Vassy, MD, FACS 2022 Evansville
Todd Weinstein, MD, FACS 2022 Logansport
YFA Councilor
John Maijub, MD 2022 Indianapolis
Resident Councilors
Ashley Gutwein, MD 2020 Indianapolis
John Martin, MD 2020 Indianapolis
Jessica Belchos, MD 2020 Indianapolis

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Indiana Chapter American College of Surgeons

Tom Dixon, Chapter Executive
49 Boone Village # 274
Zionsville, IN 46077