Each year surgical residents from Indiana present original research papers to the Annual Meeting of the Indiana Chapter. These papers are judged by the program committee. Four awards are given on the basis of written and oral presentation. The trauma award papers are then entered into national competition.

The Leonard D. Ensminger Award (Trauma Surgery)
1993 Neil A. Grieshop, M.D.
1994 Michael J. Bittles, M.D.
1995 Scott A. Engrum, M.D.
1996 David Schindel, M.D.
1997 Charles Hyre, M.D.
1998 Charles Hyre, M.D.
1999 David Lee, M. D.
2000 A. P. Ladd, M. D.
2001 Alan Ladd, M.D.
2002 Rafael Azuaje, M.D.
2003 John Sandoval, M.D.
2004 Ben Tsai, M.D.
2005 Kelly Mattix, M.D.
2006 Matt Blanton, M.D.
2007 Joshua Winters, MD
2008 Micah Smith, M.D.
2009 Adam Hall,MD
2010 Sarah Kamel, MD
2011 Jacob Miller, MD
2012 William A. Kunkle, MD
2013 Christiane Ueno, MD
2014 Daniel Weber, MD
2015 Christopher Reed, MD
​2016 Daniel P. Milgrom, MD

The Carl H. McCaskey Award (Subspecialty Surgery)
1993 Arthur C. Coffey, M.D.
1994 Arthur C. Coffey, M.D.
1995 Donald L. Spicer, M.D.
1996 Christopher Wolfla, M.D.
1997 Jeanne Schilder, M.D.
1998 Harold Burkhart, M.D.
1999 Eric Jensen, M. D.
2000 Vincent A. Scavo, M. D.
2001 Bridget Saunders, M.D.
2002 Carlos Vieira, M.D.
2003 Christopher Bearden, M.D.
2004 Avinash Agarwal, M.D.
2005 Ben Tsai, M.D.
2006 Bryan Holcomb, M.D.
2007 Keri Burns, MD
2008 Jesus M. Matos, M.D.
2009 David Fang, MD
2010 Kelly Hiatt, MD
2011 Karim Sadik, MD
2012 Andrea Jester, MD
2013 Jonathan Papic, MD
2014 Amanda Stram, MD
2015 James Butler, MD
2016 Amanda R. Jensen, MD

The Willis D. Gatch Award(General Surgery)
1993 Michael J. Dorenbusch, M.D.
1994 Neil A. Grieshop, M.D.
1995 Michael J. Dorenbusch, M.D. (tie)
1995 Howard G. Smith, M.D. (tie)
1996 Mustafa Kabeer, M.D.
1997 Mustafa Kabeer, M.D.
1998 Glen Carlos, M.D.
1999 Charles Hyre, M. D.
2000 Robert A. Campbell, M. D.
2001 Robert Campbell, M.D.
2002 Rodney Kratz, M.D.
2003 Chad Wiesenauer, M.D.
2004 Carol Palochko, M.D.
2005 Carol Sheridan, M.D.
2006 Matt Hennig, M.D.
2007 Abhishek Mathur, MD
2008 Terence Wade, M.D.
2009 Hayder Al-azzawi, MD
2010 Paul Crisostomo, MD
2011 Christy Cauley, MD
2012 Joshua Waters, MD
2013 Janak Parikh, MD
2014 Adam Ramey, MD
2015 Joal Beane, MD
2016 Annabelle R. Butler, MD

The R. Morton Bolman, II Award (Trauma Surgery)
1998 Mustafa Kabeer, M.D.
1999 Brian Kogon, M. D.
2000 D. Selzer, M. D.
2001 No Award
2002 Chad Wiesenauer, M.D.
2003 No Award
2004 John A. Sandoval, M.D.
2005 No Award
2006 No Award
2007 Jeffrey Staron, MD
2008 Ben Williams, M.D.
2009 No Award
2010 Brian Rapp, MD
2011 No Award
2012 Patrick Davis, BA
2013 Daniel Weber, MD
2014 James Butler, MD
2015 Kevin O'Connor, MD
2016 Scott Dolejs, MD

Award of Distinction
2008 Ahmed Halal, M.D.

R. Morton Bolman, II, MD FACS
The Executive Council of the Indiana Chapter voted at its quarterly meeting in November 1997, to create a fourth resident award for a trauma paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Chapter. The chapter awards prizes to the best papers in general surgery, specialty surgery, and trauma surgery. The new award will be the second in trauma surgery. The award will be named in honor of Dr. R. Morton Bolman II who was the sixth president of the Chapter.


Dr. Bolman, a Ft. Wayne native, attended Northwestern University in Chicago from which he achieved baccalaureate, masters, and Doctor of Medicine degrees. He interned at St. Luke's Hospital in Chicago. Dr. Bolman served in Europe during World War II. Upon his return to Ft. Wayne following the War, he petitioned the American Board of Surgery, then only 9 years old, to take its examination. Based upon the operative case experience documented in his Army surgical log book, Dr. Bolman was granted admission to and passed the American Board of Surgery examination.
He joined the St. Joseph Hospital medical staff organization of which his father had been a founding member as the first Board certified surgeon in town. Dr. Bolman recruited a number of young surgeons to Ft. Wayne, and he built one of the largest surgical practices in Indiana. He anonymously assisted nursing and medical students so that they could attend school.

Dr. Bolman fostered scientific investigation in surgery during his tenure as Chairman of the Department of Surgery at St. Joseph Hospital. Under Dr. Bolman's leadership St. Joseph Hospital opened an animal experimentation laboratory and a surgical amphitheater and it hosted countless visiting surgeons who demonstrated the latest surgical techniques.

In 1959, at a meeting of the Indiana and Kentucky Chapters of the American College of Surgeons, along with the Kentucky Surgical Society, Dr. Bolman presented a memorable Presidential Address entitled THE ULTIMATE SURGEON. Dr. Bolman described eloquently those qualities which best characterize surgeons. Dr. Bolman died at the age of 51. He lived a life of fullness and intensity. He was a man consumed by a yearning to live surgery. He loved medicine.

William W. Turner, Jr. MD FACS


Willis D. Gatch, M. D. 1877-1962
Willis D. Gatch was born in 1877 and grew up in the Southeastern Indiana community of Aurora. He attended college at Indiana University in Bloomington, where he graduated with honors, being elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He attended medical.school at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore,Maryland, and stayed on to complete his residency.He was a student of Dr. William Halstead, an extremely important member of the surgical community during the era.


The Indiana University School of Medicine, which had been formed of several smaller schools, was officia11y formed in the early 1900's. and Dr. Gatch was recruited as Professor of Surgery in 1912. He became chairman of the Department of Surgery in 1922, and remained Professor of Surgery until his retirement in 1946.He became Dean of the Indiana University School of Medicine in 1932, and remained in that post until retirement.

Dr. Gatch's contributions to surgery, the School of Medicine, and the various National Surgical Organizations, are legion.He was a founding member of the American Board of Surgery, a member of the American Surgical Association, Central Surgical Association, the Western and Central Surgical Associations as well as the Southern Surgical Association. His research contributions, particularly those in the day to day practice of Clinical Surgery, are extremely important.He was instrumental in the development of safe nitrous oxide anesthesia.While a resident at the Johns Hopkins, he developed the features of a surgical bed allowing the legs to be elevated and folded, and this device still bears his name today.

Following his retirement from the University in 1946, he entered private practice in Indianapolis, and remained active in clinical surgery and research. He pursued studies of shock, and other topics in his private surgical laboratory.

Information from Indiana State Medical Association, edited by R. P. Inlow, M.D.


Leonard A. Ensminger, M. D.1879-1963

Dr. Leonard Ensminger was born in Crawfordsville in 1879, and stayed on in this northwestern Indiana community, where he entered Wabash College. He graduated with the usual honors, and entered the School of Medicine at Indiana University, Graduating in 1908. He joined the faculty thereafter, maintaining his interest in orthopaedic surgery. He was quite active in the Industrial Clinic of Indianapolis, as well as performing adequately in Industrial Medtcine for the New York Central Railroad Corporatlion. Dr. Ensminger was Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Indiana University School of Medicine, and remained active in soft tissue and bone trauma, and it is appropriate that the Trauma Award of the Indiana Chapter, American College of Surgeons be named in his honor.


Information from Indiana State Medical Association

Carl H. McCaskey, M.D. 1877-1960
Dr. Carl McCaskey was born In Grarratt, Indiana, a Northeastern community, in 1877. Dr. McCaskey then attended the Indiana University School of Medicine graduating in 1903, and became interested in the surgical aspects of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology. He joined the faculty of Indiana University School of Medicine, eventually rising to the rank of chairman in 1926. His major clinical interests were in laryngeal carcinoma, and he was instrumental in pursuing excellence in the development of esophagoscopy and bronchoscopy, as wall as laryngoscopy. Dr. McCaskey was quite active in professional organizations, achieving Presidency of the Indiana State Medical Association in 1943 as well as the Marion County Association. He was the founding president of the Indiana Chapter, American College of Surgeons, and held that position for two successive years (1952-53). Dr. McCaskey's strong influence on surgical matters, as well as his leadership in the field of surgery in general make it quite appropriate for his name to be attached to the Specialties Award of the Indiana Chapter, American College of Surgeons.


Information from Indiana State Medical Association

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